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Distributed Leadership For Successful Leadershift Organisations


The Why! Successfully leading a company into the future is no longer about 30-year strategic plans, or even 5- or 10-year roadmaps. It’s about people across an organization adopting a strategic mindset and working in flexible teams that allow companies to respond to evolving technology and external risks like geopolitical conflict, pandemics, and the climate crisis. Top leaders are flipping the hierarchy upside down.

The Nuts & Bolts: Distributed leadership is primarily concerned with the practice of leadership rather than specific leadership roles or responsibilities. It equates with shared, collective and extended leadership practice that builds the capacity for change and improvement.

Distributed leadership means mobilising leadership expertise at all levels in the school in order to generate more opportunities for change and to build the capacity for improvement. The emphasis is upon interdependent interaction and practice rather than individual and independent actions associated with those with formal leadership roles or responsibilities.

In summary, it is ‘leadership by expertise’ rather than leadership by role or years of experience. Genuine distributed leadership requires high levels of trust, transparency and mutual respect.

In very practical terms, to be most effective, distributed leadership has to be carefully planned and deliberately orchestrated. It won’t just happen and if it does, there is no guarantee that it will have any positive impact. Letting a thousand flowers bloom is not distributed leadership.

The implication for those in formal leadership roles is that they have a key role to play in creating the conditions for distributed leadership to occur. They have to create the opportunities for others to lead.

The End Game: Ultimately, implementing a true distributed leadership approach requires patience, trust and a genuine belief that your school can become more effective as a result of investing time, effort and resource into developing the professional capital of your staff.

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Mr Beggar

Oh Mr Beggar, Mr Beggar,
Why are you so thin?
Always out & about on a lingering limb,
With crutches under your arms,
Hopling along miles & miles ….
All the way from the farms.
Mr Beggar, Mr Beggar,
Why’s your hair all undone?
With a cardboard box as a jacket,
And a hidden bottle of rum.
Oh! Mr Beggar, Mr Beggar
Why are you always so sad?
Going on in life pretending you glad.
Smiling a smile,
That don’t put a twitch on your dial.
Yes, Mr Beggar, Mr Beggar
A song of questions they sung….
Not once, did they offer Mr. Beggar,
A life you & I have done.
But, yes! Mr Beggar, Mr Beggar ,
He will always be,
A man of little worth, but, true life he will see!

Reece Oakes

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Street Kids

Street Kids – Just No Fair Advantage

Street kids saunter endlessly through out the street…
Come winter,rain & snow,they still on their own bare feet.
Beseeching for food ,bread or sometimes money,
Yet drivers lock their doors & simply think they funny.
Their bodies are all skeletal,naked & cold,
Then we say “I don’t have” and still feel bold !!

So why not give!and give when you can…
Giving the underprivileged kid an opportunity to plan,
Even if its how to put the bread to his mouth…
I’m sure its better than nothing from the south.
So that’s why that sumptuous life you lifes’,a pleasure….
Let it veer,and it will be one you’d want to treasure.

These kids often wish for nothing more,
Other than a smile from society is what they implore….
Others lifes are all happy & gay,
Yet their lifes are always full of dismay.
So given a chance,what should one do?
Just give unto to others like you’d want too…. Reece Oakes

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